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Paintwork Correction:

This service consists of many stages, and many factors can make the price of this service vary. This proccess has at least 28 stages. In this proccess, the first step is to prep the vehicle by washing it with a citris based soap to strip any wax or contamination from the paintwork. Then the car is dried, and then brought to the next stage where the paintwork is then clayed using a poly-clay to remove any sap, overspray, industrial fallout, bug remains, and all foreign debris. Sometimes different grades of clays are nessesery to remove all contaminents from the paintwork. The vehicle is then washed again. The next proccess is to inspect the paintwork, sometimes a telescope will be used to look at deeper scratches to see if they can be corrected. Once this is done we then measure the paintwork with a paint depth meter, which either measures in microns or mils to insure the paint is thick enough to correct. We take 16 measurements on each panel to ensure thickness. Once we are done with inspecting we start by using a abrasive polish with a rotary polisher, we then bring the combination of the pad and polish down to a less abrasive for each step. We may choose to use a DA polisher on softer paints. We use many diffrent polishers of all sizes, pads, and polishes to best suit the paint that is being correction. Once the paintwork correction proccess is done, it's time to protect it but first we use a paintwork cleaner to clean any polish left over to ensure that the wax bonds with the paintwork properly. We apply a coat of Swissvax, and then allow time before applying the second coat to ensure best coverage and durability.