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Interior Detailing:

This service may consist of many stages depending on our client's needs and if they want a detail or a restoration. We don't have a standard package detail for this service, and an exact quote over the phone can not be given, simply because we have to inspect the condition of the interior. We always start with a vacuum and a dust blow out. Then depending on our client's needs proceed with a citrus based carpet shampoo, this shampoo has almost no spell leaving the car smelling new and clean and not like a chemical factory. We then use a plant based cleaner which lifts any spills or stains from all surfaces, then protect them with Prima Nero and then condition all leather with Prima Nourish which is a great feeding product and will leave the leather feeling fresh and supple. A vacuum once again is needed to insure everything is perfect and ready to be presented to our client. Your interior is left clean, protected, and fresh, using only the finest products available, the value of the vehicle is raised and the Exotic Image appears.